Whaddya mean ''What's the beggar's name?'' 2016-08-21

Unless you've been living under a rock, I doubt anyone out there has not heard about DrivethruRPG or RPGNow. And we've all surfed thru their inventory of cool stuff and been able to benefit from one or more of their awesome sales.

What you may not be aware of is a category of products that can make the life of any GM easier, whether it's prepping for the game or during the session.

I'm talking about is pre-made lists of names for people (male and female, orcish, elven, japanese, persian,...), places (taverns, castles, towns,...), things (ships, potions, merchant goods, etc), and even some stuff that could be found randomly in someone's pocket. Usually all you need is a d100 roll for most of them.

You can either print them out, of keep them as PDFs and refer to them on your PC, iPad or other tablet.

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As a bonus review, since I mentioned viewing these PDf documents on tablets, I want to mention a great app for iOs.

Goodreader is an excellent tool for reading those setting books you downloaded. Flip thru pages easily, zoom in and out, and you can open multiple PDFs simultaneously. Tap the middle of the screen and the tool menus dissapear (as if by magic, ;) ). Tap it again to make it reappear.

It also allows you to organize your documents, change their names, place them in folders, and of course delete them as needed.

Another great little app for the Game-Master or Player on the go, who doesn't want to throw his back out carrying a metric ton of books around. But only for Apple products. 

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