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Wow, another blog from the Dragonspawn! So soon after the last one. Will wonders never cease?

This time I heralding two products from ''The Thousand Trails'' line, published by True Mask Games.

You can find them or follow them: @TrueMaskGames on Twitter or on their Discord server True Mask Games on Discord
 The author, Alekandar ''Earin_Shaad'' Petrovic brings us two nifty game aids. Both are aimed at the medieval styled fantasy settings. The first one is for the urban landscape of course. With a name like ''Dark Cities'', what else would you expect?

And the second one, entitled ''Edge of the Wilds'' takes us out of the cities and into the untamed wilderness.

What I feel sets these random adventure generators apart from many others is the fact that Alekandar has taken the time to explain how to use the adventures, what experience level the heroes should be, how long it might take to run it and what said adventure focuses on mainl…

May is almost upon us!

Time to wake up finally. Sorry folks, I haven't been active at at all these last few months. Real Life stuff getting in the way, but I have poked my head out from my lair and looked around.

illustration found online (artist unknown)

I have discovered this really amazing PDF book to help out that overworked, underappreciated and harried Game Master (or Dungeon Master if you prefer).

The Book of Random Tables
Written by Matt Davis from Dicegeeks.
And as you can see from the screenshot I took from the book's Table of contents, it has quite a variety of tables available in one book. So this can cut down on the need to consult multiple PDFs or books/printouts of random tables. From names of men and women, items found in a Cottage, Tomb or on a dead goblin to potion ingredients. 

Matt even includes some tables for random encounters in different environments (forests, mountains, swamps, etc.). The encounters are not fully fleshed out, but can get the ball rolling for your ima…

Video's from the Dragon's Toolbox

I realized that I failed to mention my few videos that I have recorded and posted on YouTube, that still go with the Dragon's Toolbox blog. Some things are better described visually and in the spoken word.

Stephen Dragonspawn's Videos

My first video describes a cool easy to use tool to help you generate the basis of a story, the Amazing Story Generator. Then I go over my favorite dice bag, the All Rolled Up dice bag. In the third video, I talk about difefrent D100 List of things when you need to know what is going on in the game. 004 is a talk about my visit to Columbus Ohio and the Origins Gaming convention and a new Savage Worlds magazine. My fifth video is a 2017 year in review.

Please go ahead and visit it and share if you like them, and don't forget to subscribe.

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The WILD DIE Podcast Community Project

Hello fellow Savages and loyal Wild Die podcast listeners.

Guess what? Our community project is finally completed and ready to be released and shared with you all.

This all started on episode 8 of the Wild Die, when Jaime Pierson, Blaine Wagner and Eric Lamoureux were discussing how easy it would be to create a home brew setting with the Savage Worlds rule set, all the way back on July 17th 2016. That's almost 18 months ago, when Jaime was still the host and Eric had just begun co-hosting. And Blaine was back from Alasksa for only a short while before returning to the great white North.

It took a while because life has a tendency to get in the way, plus the fact that many of us are in different time zones and have different other projects going on at the same time. Scheduling the various tasks and getting them together was a little more arduous. But we managed to finish it and the final product looks really good, if I do say so myself.

''Bullets over Frisco Bay'' unfol…

Star Wars dice interpretation

Recently, some of my fellow gamers on the N.I. Network were talking about how best to learn a new system and in particular, the very unique dice system of Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG, and whether learning at the table in front of other gamers is better than using a Virtual TableTop (VTT) such as Fantasy Grounds (FG) or not. 

Not everyone is comfortable with the controls of a VTT, no matter the rule system, but once you've mastered the basics and know the reasons behind the mechanics, using a VTT can save you some headaches. In a Savage Worlds game for example, once you've targeted your foe and rolled the dice, FG will tell you if the trait die was a 1, or how many raises you got on your damage and all the GM has to do is click ''Apply''.

But back to our Star Wars RPG. This incarnation of the role-playing game for the Star Wars universe does not use standard dice with pips or numerals for most of your rolls. There are some percentile dice used once in a whi…

More lists of random stuff.

Dicegeeks to the rescue!

It's been a while since my last post and I apologize dear Nerds. I was getting ready for Con-on-the-Cob, and was suffering from post con cruds upon my return. But I have not forgotten you. ;)

In order to help you, my fellow GMs, here is another website that has many tables for generating random stuff for when your players ask you a question you were not ready for. What do they find in the treasure hoard or what's in the pocket of the noble they just knocked out?

Or perhaps these tables can come in handy when you know those pesky PCs will look thru various crates or they want to hear what are the local rumors. There are even a few tables you can use in your Star Wars game (random blasters or Search tables).

Link: Dicegeeks
The website's list of table will sometimes bring you to DrivethruRPG's site for some tables, such as the ''Alchemical Tools & Ingredients - 1D100''. Fear not, the PDFs are not expensive, and you can ''pa…

In the beginning there was only a blank page...

Worldcrafting, by Andrzej Stöj of Gramel Publishing who has published the very popular Beast and Barbarians setting as well as the horror/sci-fi setting of Nemezis. 

He is the author of this 96 page PDF document, available at DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.
Link: / Worldcrafting
If you are interested in creating your own game world and hopefully get it published so that other may enjoy your unique vision of a role-playing setting, that this can be a very valuable tool for you. Especially if this is your first time you're trying to put together a setting book. 
Let me start by saying what this book is not. It is not a book that tells you how to create a whole new role playing mechanic/game/rule set. It does mention the Savage Worlds rule set, but you can easily apply the advice and information therein for any rule system. Andrzej only refers to those rules occasionally and give us some examples by mentioning his own work on Nemezis. 
Breaking the book down into chapters, I wan…