There's always something going on in the City and in the Wilds

Wow, another blog from the Dragonspawn! So soon after the last one. Will wonders never cease?

This time I heralding two products from ''The Thousand Trails'' line, published by True Mask Games.

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 The author, Alekandar ''Earin_Shaad'' Petrovic brings us two nifty game aids. Both are aimed at the medieval styled fantasy settings. The first one is for the urban landscape of course. With a name like ''Dark Cities'', what else would you expect?

And the second one, entitled ''Edge of the Wilds'' takes us out of the cities and into the untamed wilderness.

What I feel sets these random adventure generators apart from many others is the fact that Alekandar has taken the time to explain how to use the adventures, what experience level the heroes should be, how long it might take to run it and what said adventure focuses on mainly.

These books are system agnostic, but he does mention levels for a popular D20 system as a guideline. And for other systems that use another type of experience level tracking system (or none at all), this can give you an idea on how tough the scenario might be.

After telling you what the plot seeds are roughly about, the author has a d20 Random Encounter table for a quick side adventure, for both books.

Then he has a page of notes and thoughts about the types of adventures for both environments, the pros and cons of each one.

And then we delve into the various ''Plothooks and Storyseeds''. There are 100 in each book, as the cover hinted at. Each one has a title, a short description and the suggested level, length of scenario, as well as what is it's focus.

I give these products a 5 out of 5 Stars.
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