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Watch out! I'm building WORLDS here.

 Are you creating your own home brew setting or Game World?

It doesn't matter whether you're also creating a your own RPG mechanics or using a multi-genre adaptable rule systems, such as GURPS, Savage Worlds, Genesys, etc. You might need a way to keep track of all your ideas, add to them, save some images and organize all that mess into something a bit more coherent.

I've stumbled on a few web-based World Building tool kits to help you as an author, artist or RPG creator. Please note that some of these tools are not meant to manage an ongoing campaign per se, just the information that you are gathering for the game world itself. For a campaign manager, look more towards Obsidian Portal or Realm Works.

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The first one is called Milanote
Link: Milanote
Milanote is a tool for planning creative projects and is not geared specifically towards role-playing games. Any creative endeavor can benefit from this tool, whether it be music, visual art,…