Watch out! I'm building WORLDS here.

 Are you creating your own home brew setting or Game World?

It doesn't matter whether you're also creating a your own RPG mechanics or using a multi-genre adaptable rule systems, such as GURPS, Savage Worlds, Genesys, etc. You might need a way to keep track of all your ideas, add to them, save some images and organize all that mess into something a bit more coherent.

I've stumbled on a few web-based World Building tool kits to help you as an author, artist or RPG creator. Please note that some of these tools are not meant to manage an ongoing campaign per se, just the information that you are gathering for the game world itself. For a campaign manager, look more towards Obsidian Portal or Realm Works.

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The first one is called Milanote

Milanote is a tool for planning creative projects and is not geared specifically towards role-playing games. Any creative endeavor can benefit from this tool, whether it be music, visual art, an invention or new idea. They say it is available across multiple platforms such as your PC, tablet or smartphone, but there is no App for the last two options, so you need to log in thru a browser.

I tried it on my iPad, it has the same look as the PC version and works well. On the smartphone, it's best to turn it on its side (landscape) in order to see the same tools on the left as on the other platforms, but you could still use it the same way to take notes and import images, etc.

Pluses: 1- free toolkit 2- multiple platforms.
Minuses: 1- not aimed at Role-playing games in particular. 2- not a campaign management tool.

I give this toolkit a 3 out of 5 Stars

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The next one is called WorldAnvil

Unlike the previous creation toolkit, WorldAnvil is specifically aimed at Authors, Artists and finally Game Masters.

WorldAnvil is also a free web-based toolkit with a lot of great features, tutorial videos, FAQs, and even a presence on Discord where you can get help for other members of the community. And one little item I liked was that, as you take the first step to your world building project, you can choose which rule-set it will be using, and they have, not just the major ones such as D&D, Pathfinder or GURPS, but many of the smaller ones like Fate, Savage Worlds, Cypher. They even have some that are specific to a Setting (Shadow of the Demon Lord for example) and recent systems such as Genesys. Very cool indeed.

Just below are some screenshots of the ''behind-the-scenes'' tools to build the game world. Neatly organized and user-friendly and with many fields you can write notes and details.

And then you have the page of you project on the other side of the ''curtain'' that others will see.

If I were thinking of building my own game world and needed an electronic tool kit to keep it all organized, no matter what the genre, I would go with WorldAnvil.

AND with WorldAnvil, there is an option to organize your campaign as well with multiple tabs to keep things nice and neat.

Pluses: 1- free toolkit 2- multiple platforms 3- does have a focus on Role-Playing Games 4-possible to manage the campaign of your game world 5- unlock extra features when you become a Patreon member*.
Minuses: 1- must become a Patreon subscriber to unlock extra features*.

I give this toolkit a 4.5 out of 5 Stars

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''But what if I need something to manage my campaign, oh mighty Dragonspawn?''

''Well in that case, keep your senses on high alert for my next blog and I will speak of a few other tools to put order in that chaotic mees of your mind. In the mean time, begone and do not anger me further, for you'd be tasty and would go well with BBQ sauce.''

illustration by DragonLady


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