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Whaddya mean ''What's the beggar's name?'' 2016-08-21

Unless you've been living under a rock, I doubt anyone out there has not heard about DrivethruRPG or RPGNow. And we've all surfed thru their inventory of cool stuff and been able to benefit from one or more of their awesome sales.
What you may not be aware of is a category of products that can make the life of any GM easier, whether it's prepping for the game or during the session.

I'm talking about is pre-made lists of names for people (male and female, orcish, elven, japanese, persian,...), places (taverns, castles, towns,...), things (ships, potions, merchant goods, etc), and even some stuff that could be found randomly in someone's pocket. Usually all you need is a d100 roll for most of them.

You can either print them out, of keep them as PDFs and refer to them on your PC, iPad or other tablet.

Lee's Lists

Ennead Games

Never Engine

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As a bonus review, since I mentioned viewing these PDf documents on tablets, I want to mention a great app fo…

All Rolled Up - 2016-08-15

Hello again fellow gamers. This week I want to shine the spot light on a small company in the United Kingdom that has been creating a really neat product that can be very useful when you have to travel to your next gaming session. The couple behind this amazing idea, Fil and Paul Baldowski are very talented and passionate about what they do. They simply refer to their dice bags as ''ARU''.

All Rolled Up

It can easily hold your sizeable collection of dice, tokens, pens and pencils as well notes pads. All of it can be rolled up and tied up for easy carrying. They even have ''Tiny ARU''.

They have many colours, patterns and style to choose from as well as some that have patterns based on movies, TV shows, and some anime.

They also make and or carry accessories such as dice trays, fasteners, card boxes, etc. And they recently added a new line of gaming accessories that all gamers love:
''Dice from the Q Workshop ''

I've bought a few ARU for my…

Come here, I have something to ''Apps'' you. 2016-08-08

Come here, I have something to ''Apps'' you.
In this age of technology that includes the smart-phone and the tablet, both of which allows us to stay connected to each other and to all the information now available on the world-wide-web, no matter where we are, it can be a source of distraction, but it can also be a great tool at the gaming table.

So today's article is all about the ''Apps''. And as a GM, I appreciate stuff that can help me when the players go off the rails. What's the name of the innkeeper? You just captured an orc, and you want to know his name too? I thought you'd just kill them all. OK give me a second.

* Names for RPG * has a free and ''no-ads'' version and can suggest names of the standard fantasy races as well as names inspired by real-Earth cultures (Japanese, Greek, etc).

* Fantasy Names * also generates names similar to the app above but the list seems more limited, but still useful.

* D&D Names Gener…

1st Post - 2016-08-01

Greetings to all fellow Dorks out there. 
Stephen Dragonspawn here.

I am starting a new blog here with the goal of highlighting various items, accessories, supplements and resources that can make the gaming session easier, faster and/or more fun. I'm always looking for different things that make my life easier when running an RPG game, or cool stuff that you can bring to the table. And I will strive to find and discuss things that can be applied to as many genres, settings, periods, and rules systems. 

And let me clarify one thing before I continue, I am not being compensated, nor sponsored by any company or publisher. I try to remain unbiased, to offer constructive criticism or comment where needed, as well as some useful advice to my fellow RPG players and GMs.

Ideas and suggestions from you are welcome, if you use certain things in your game and would like to share it with the RPG Community, please email me at

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