Come here, I have something to ''Apps'' you. 2016-08-08

Come here, I have something to ''Apps'' you.

In this age of technology that includes the smart-phone and the tablet, both of which allows us to stay connected to each other and to all the information now available on the world-wide-web, no matter where we are, it can be a source of distraction, but it can also be a great tool at the gaming table.

So today's article is all about the ''Apps''. And as a GM, I appreciate stuff that can help me when the players go off the rails. What's the name of the innkeeper? You just captured an orc, and you want to know his name too? I thought you'd just kill them all. OK give me a second.

* Names for RPG * has a free and ''no-ads'' version and can suggest names of the standard fantasy races as well as names inspired by real-Earth cultures (Japanese, Greek, etc).

* Fantasy Names * also generates names similar to the app above but the list seems more limited, but still useful.

* D&D Names Generator * can be used for more than just the most popular RPG in the world and is free.

Fantasy Name Generator * is another app I like, but unlike the previous apps, this one will supply you with names for Dungeons, Pubs, Castles, Lands & Seas.

* Savage Worlds Dice Roller * Yes, there is an app for that RPG system too. It can add the Wild Die and the Acing features of course. You can set many of the modifiers applicable to the situation (Cover, Wounds, Range, etc). It does not have pretty animated dice, but it is free.

* Star Wars Dice * At 6.99$ you had better think twice about getting this one. If you plan on playing any of FFG's Star Wars games (RPGs or Tactical games), then it's worth every imperial credit. The graphics are amazing, the controls simple.

The last app I want to talk about is * Dice & Dragons * I have used this one while I was playing a Wizard in my friends Pathfinder game. It certainly helped when she was at level 10+ and flinging fireballs and chain lightning. You can set the number of damage, modifiers, such as for magic missiles. 

If you're fighter, you can also enter your attack bonuses for your various attack (standard, power attacks, etc). I used the ''attack'' modifier option as her spellcasting roll to overcome Spell Resistance, if applicable. So customization is possible, and you can set up multiple characters in memory if you're playing in more than one campaign and store those ''attacks/actions''.

The animation is really good and you can add audio effects. It also allows you to choose what your dice look like, many of them are free, but you can buy more, flaming dice anyone.

This is by no means a complete list of apps, as there are quite a lot of them out there, with more coming out now and again I'm sure, so I have barely scratched the surface. 

Let me know what other apps you use. Or tell me what you think of the one's I've mentioned above.

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