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ORDER versus CHAOS! Keeping your Campaign organized.

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When my friend and co-host, Jaime Pierson of the RPG Brewery, asked me to run a story ark for our podcast's Actual Plays (Realms of Terrinoth in this case), I also wanted to look into and try out a few RPG campaign organizer sites.
One that I was fairly familiar with was Obsidian Portal, which I had used for a face-to-face game I ran about 4 or 5 years ago (wow, time flies). I liked it as it was easy to use and had many categories to keep things well organized, and it was the first one I ever heard about.
Obsidian Portal Campaign Manager
You can use it as a free service with still quite a few features available to you. But if you subscribe to the monthly (aka Upgrade to Ascendant membership) package then you all the bells and whistles. You can event just get the Adventurer package which is the middle ground between free and Ascendant. And if…