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Shaintar Character Builder and Adventure Generator

It's all about the story, right?
Mr. Richard Woolcock’s savage-stuff.blogspot site is a great resource for all kinds of things. He’s put together a lot of source material for Savage Worlds and other rules system thru the years and a fellow gamer and member of the Nerds-International family Karlen ‘’of-the-hill-people’’ Kendrick has contributed as well. I will be writing about a recent game I ran and the reason I mention these guys and their resources.
I recently ran a Shaintar One-Shot game for some friends, in Fantasy Grounds. I didn’t have as much time as I would’ve liked in order to prepare, so I used the website tool to give me an idea for a scenario (see the link below), and simply used some pre-gens from a previous One-Shot I had run last fall.

link: Shaintar Adventure Generator
The adventure generator is a great way to get ideas and inspiration, even if you’re not running a Shaintar campaign. Just substitute the appropriate element that suits your own setting. They are generic e…