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May is almost upon us!

Time to wake up finally. Sorry folks, I haven't been active at at all these last few months. Real Life stuff getting in the way, but I have poked my head out from my lair and looked around.

illustration found online (artist unknown)

I have discovered this really amazing PDF book to help out that overworked, underappreciated and harried Game Master (or Dungeon Master if you prefer).

The Book of Random Tables
Written by Matt Davis from Dicegeeks.
And as you can see from the screenshot I took from the book's Table of contents, it has quite a variety of tables available in one book. So this can cut down on the need to consult multiple PDFs or books/printouts of random tables. From names of men and women, items found in a Cottage, Tomb or on a dead goblin to potion ingredients. 

Matt even includes some tables for random encounters in different environments (forests, mountains, swamps, etc.). The encounters are not fully fleshed out, but can get the ball rolling for your ima…