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How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss

That's right, this time I review a game mastering aid book with the F-word in the title, deal with it. :)

''How to Game Master like a Fucking Boss'', 
by Venger As'Nas Satanis
That's hopefully not his real name, but I wouldn't take any chances. Don't summon anything with that name.

First off, it's kind of a fun read. The author obviously doesn't take himself too seriously but he does take the gaming hobby seriously. 

This is a sizable PDF at 124 pages, including covers, index, some full page artwork here and there, as well as many pages of Random Tables, a glossary of the author's own ''magical language'' called Viridian and a few dungeon maps.

Among the many tables there are tables for ''Past Events'', ''Desires, Goals and Motivations'' and ''Stupid Gnome Hats'', and many more.

Before all those tables, Venger also goes thru many topics about Game-mastering but doesn't go on an…