All Rolled Up - 2016-08-15

Hello again fellow gamers. This week I want to shine the spot light on a small company in the United Kingdom that has been creating a really neat product that can be very useful when you have to travel to your next gaming session. The couple behind this amazing idea, Fil and Paul Baldowski are very talented and passionate about what they do. They simply refer to their dice bags as ''ARU''.

It can easily hold your sizeable collection of dice, tokens, pens and pencils as well notes pads. All of it can be rolled up and tied up for easy carrying. They even have ''Tiny ARU''.

They have many colours, patterns and style to choose from as well as some that have patterns based on movies, TV shows, and some anime.

They also make and or carry accessories such as dice trays, fasteners, card boxes, etc. And they recently added a new line of gaming accessories that all gamers love:
''Dice from the Q Workshop ''

I've bought a few ARU for myself (the first two pictures are my own ''Red Dragon'' ARU), as well as a couple of them for friends, so they make great gifts. So far, their delivery delay has been quite short, even though the Atlantic ocean separates us.

Speaking of gifts, they also offer gift certificates of whatever amounts you prefer. All in British pounds of course.

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