In the beginning there was only a blank page...

Worldcrafting, by Andrzej Stöj of Gramel Publishing who has published the very popular Beast and Barbarians setting as well as the horror/sci-fi setting of Nemezis. 

He is the author of this 96 page PDF document, available at DrivethruRPG and RPGNow.

If you are interested in creating your own game world and hopefully get it published so that other may enjoy your unique vision of a role-playing setting, that this can be a very valuable tool for you. Especially if this is your first time you're trying to put together a setting book. 

Let me start by saying what this book is not. It is not a book that tells you how to create a whole new role playing mechanic/game/rule set. It does mention the Savage Worlds rule set, but you can easily apply the advice and information therein for any rule system. Andrzej only refers to those rules occasionally and give us some examples by mentioning his own work on Nemezis. 

Breaking the book down into chapters, I want to speak briefly on each of them without boring you to tears. 

1- The basics of course. Broad strokes and the first steps to take.
2- What's your goal, as well as PC motivations. 
3- The basics of the world/setting such a The period, the style and the background. 
4- The importance of beta-testing. 
5- Organizations and factions
6- History of the world. Do’s and don'ts
7- Geography. Maps and important locales. 
8- Religion and beliefs. Again, Do’s and don'ts, because this can be a delicate subject. 
9- Plot Point Campaigns and adventure seeds. 
10- Modifying the mechanics. “Don't force it” is my favorite quote from this book ;)
11- Modifying the systems, such as edges, gear, bestiary, setting rules. 
12- The final touches. Clean ups and removing unnecessary fluff
13- the Appendix is where five other people, who are also in the industry (and/or related domains) also give their advice and tips, in case you need a second opinion. Or perhaps Andrzej may have neglected to cover an aspect of two. 

So there you go. This is a great reference tool for you, the fledgling author. If you were floundering in the dark and unsure of how to start and what needs to be done, this can be your lighthouse that can guide you away from the jagged rocks of uncertainty, doubt and fear. Get this book, read it, make notes and write, write, write. 

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