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This week's blog is about a variety websites that could be useful to GMs and Players out there.

There's a lot of stuff out there on the world wide web, more than anyone person can cover or explore, or even know them all. So if you, the reader, know of some not mentioned here, but that you think could be useful, that you've used before and should be shared with others, the please do.

Don't hesitate to insert the link as a comment to this blog, please.

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Gnome Stew? No it is not a new recipe by Gordon Ramsay.
Quoted from their own website;
‘‘Written by a team of veteran Gamers and Gamemasters, Gnome Stew is a widely read gaming blog with multiple awards and close to 3,000 articles. We're dedicated to helping gamers have more fun at the gaming table. Over 2 million visitors can't be wrong!’’
So, the stew is a collection of articles from people that have a lot experience in the Gaming industry, as players, GMs, publishers, editors, creators, etc. I have gleaned much wisdom and advice from their articles. Not everything was applicable to me and my games, but every once in a while, I stumble upon a useful article. The trick is to visit fairly often (once or twice a week, at least).

*Plus, the boys and girls at Gnome Stew have also published half a dozen books that can be a boon to all GMs out there. From preparing before the game to improvising and a resource for some quick plots and NPCs. All available as P.O.D. AND PDFs.

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For almost everything relating to tabletop gaming, LITKO Game Accessories can satisfy your needs. They have various bases for minis (including paper minis you printed yourself), tokens to represent special status on said mini (like stunned, wounded, etc.), templates and measuring tools, dice towers, terrain, battlefield hazard markers (smoke, fire, etc.)

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Dyson makes some very cool maps (not the same guy who does vacuum cleaners). I used one for my own campaign when I didn't have the time to draw one out. I downloaded it to my tablet, zoomed in to where the PCs where and scrolled in the proper direction when they chose a direction. It saved me lots of time, instead of drawing and erasing a mat multiple times.

He also has a G+ Collection, check it out (Dyson Logos on G+)

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Music, it can soothe the savage breast, or stir the soul to tears. Maybe even dispel fear and lend hope, or creep us out and make us leery of what may lurk in the shadows. Ambient Mixer has a wide variety of background settings. From taverns, sewers, forests, battlefields and more.
What's truly great with this site is that you can play with the sounds. You want more thunder strikes and less wolf howls on the moors? More rowdy banter in the tavern but less music? Go ahead and tweek it to your liking,

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Blue Face Games is also in the field of background soundtracks, similar to the one mentioned previously. My good friend Jaime Pierson over at TGoDorks & The Wild Die podcasts brought this one to my attention. They call their ''service'' DMDJ. 

And they even have an app for it for your mobile device, so you can still get the sounds & effects even if you're gaming away from home. But make sure you you're ready to use it because it costs 6.99$ on iTunes, 6.49$ on Google Play.
I will admit that I have not played with this one , but have only skimmed some of the features online.

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Finally, I include a website that I've referred to for a long time now whenever I wanted to get an honest opinion about RPGs (corebooks, supplements, etc.). The host, Kurt Wiegel, is a long time gamer and has worked in the gaming industry for many years. He has played a lot of different systems. 
He manages to keep an objective point of view most of the time, but will not hesitate to get his own ideas across when required. So you will find all kinds of reviews for many settings and rule-sets.

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 - The RPG Brewery, for interviews with guests, as well as product reviews, etc.

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The Wild Die podcast, for all things about Savage Worlds.


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