Dice, Dice Baby! 2016-09-06


I'm always on the looks out for the weird or unusual, especially when it comes to dice. I this it was way back at GenCon 1990, when it was still being held in Milwaukee WI (Yes, I am that old.) that I found round D6s (see picture below). I don't use them regularly, but once in a while I will bring them into the light and show them off.

In the same weird vein to these round D6s, someone developed D6s that have 12 sides (the 1 to 6 pips appear twice, i.e. DoubleSix dice) with the theory that a dice closer to a sphere rolls better than a cube. 

And pushing the idea a little further, these same people came out with their TripleFour dice (1 to 4 pips appear three times each). So you get a more random result and if you drop them on the floor, there's a lot less risk of stabbing your foot on the ''freaking little caltrops''. 

I've gotten myself set of both (see picture above). They are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Check them out, click on the link just under the logo.

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And there have been quite a few Kickstarters for dice that come in a variety of sizes, shapes and number of sides. I do not pass judgement on these in any way. I'll leave that up to each reader. Some are very cool, some odd and one is very different. I have included the links below for you to peruse.

A queer assortment of dice, inspired by the Wizard class, that are also available in many cool colors. There's even a Warrior inspired set.

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Very nice art in the center of each. I don't know if this will catch on but I wish them all the best. As a friend mentioned about the possible use of these, his concern would be if his own rather big digits might confuse the outcome of the numbers on the coins.
And if they can get funding, then having Dice Coins with different art could be fun. Right now its only Fantasy, but Sci-fi, Horror, or Superhero inspired illustrations could be cool.

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I guess it was inevitable that someone would come along and try to make some odd sided dice. I remember when the 30 sided die came out. Games were trying desperately to validate it's existence it seemed (random tables, dice mechanics, what-have-you,...), but according to their KS page, there is both a market as well as a demand for D13 and D15 dice. 
As of this writing, there are still 9 days to go on their KS campaign, they are fully funded and have reached quite a few stretch goals, so if you absolutely need a 16 or 22 sided die, hop along on this one.

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