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Dicegeeks to the rescue!

It's been a while since my last post and I apologize dear Nerds. I was getting ready for Con-on-the-Cob, and was suffering from post con cruds upon my return. But I have not forgotten you. ;)

In order to help you, my fellow GMs, here is another website that has many tables for generating random stuff for when your players ask you a question you were not ready for. What do they find in the treasure hoard or what's in the pocket of the noble they just knocked out?

Or perhaps these tables can come in handy when you know those pesky PCs will look thru various crates or they want to hear what are the local rumors. There are even a few tables you can use in your Star Wars game (random blasters or Search tables).

Link: Dicegeeks

The website's list of table will sometimes bring you to DrivethruRPG's site for some tables, such as the ''Alchemical Tools & Ingredients - 1D100''. Fear not, the PDFs are not expensive, and you can ''pay what you want'' on most of them.

Download these PDFs to your tablets or copy/paste the ones that have the lists available on their website, in a Word doc and Voila! You have a quick reference table.

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