Once again I was invited to the Wild Die for one of their ''Showdown'' episodes. This time it was a Science Fiction theme and I was talking about the Nemezis RPG setting, while another good friend and fellow Nerd, Matt Stark, chatted about High Space

Before I forget, I want to give you the link to Matt Stark's blog: Thoughts of a Barbarian. Matt offers us some of his views on RPGs as well as other insights.

Check out Episode 30 of the Wild Die Podast:The Wild Die Podcast. And here are my notes that I compiled for the show, that will give you a general overview of what this setting is about. I hope this will help you decide whether or not to get this one or High Space.

What kind of Sci-fi is it? Tone and additional genre? Hard, space opera, horror, transhumanism, post-apocalyptic?
This is a Sci-Fi setting, set in the far future of humanity. 1000s of worlds have been colonized, science has made great advances, after a millenia of the first colony ships to have left the Sol system. Core rule book concentrates on one solar system in particular; The Horizon system which is a binary star system, with 3 planets that have a human population (Ash, Cor and Bariz) and a gas giant named Dys.

It leans a little more towards Hard science overall, but technology is very advanced with implants, gene mods and cyborgs. There are so many worlds colonized that some places could be post-apocalyptic, some are gleaming jewels of tech, and everything in between. Transhumanism is not the major crux is the setting. It's leans more towards sci-fi horror.

Is there a metaplot?
The main element in Nemezis is the conflict between humanity and the Hordes of the Enemy, the Dark Gods, led by the Worm of the Void (aka Master of the Horde, Devourer of Worlds). The Enemy can be very obvious such as the Horde on Cor, or other aspects of the Enemy who are more subtle and manipulate things behind the scenes.

Any magic or is it all hi-tech?
The only AB available to players is Psionics. Cultists worshipping the Enemy can have access to spells. Most of them are rituals, quick combat spells are few and rare.

What do you do in this setting? What kind of characters do you play?
There are many types of campaigns you can play, from Space Marines with plasma guns (aka Bug Hunts), Deep space and planetary exploration, Investigation, High society intrigue, Corporate Espionage, etc.

And there are just as many character types you can play, that would fit the story you want to tell. You're not locked in. But all of them are humans at their core. Some may have been modified to survive their homeworld, but they come from a human genome. Bestials are one example of humans that no longer look human.

Setting Rules: SF Companion?
I've looked thru the core book many times and have not found any setting rules the Nemezis specified should be used. So the GM can chose any setting rules that she feels would be appropriate (gritty damage for a darker, more dangerous tone, Skill Specialization for more detailed skills, Blood & Guts and High Adventure for more action).
The Sci-Fi companion can be useful, but really not required. If you want a type of human that is different but not in the core book, then the race creation rules are useful and the spaceship stats can add more ships.
Of course, the rules about Atmosphere, Gravity, Hacking and Salvage & Trade are good to have handy.

Gear and equipment.
Nemezis has a lot of gear to choose from in the core book. There's even a supplement (Nemezis:Galaxy) that talks about mods you can apply to your gun, and a table with sci-fi terms for the improvements.

Support (adventures, figure flats, etc.)
Nemezis is available at DrivethruRPG: for free you can get PC sheets, an Adventure Generator (although the core book has one too), Pregens, optional Wealth/Life style rules. Pay as you want for a PPC named Web of Intrigue and a soundtrack. Plus some other source books such as Galaxy with expands on other planets, one on cyborgs and one on Cultists. All well written and informative.

Your experience with it + additional thoughts:
I've run one scenario I wrote as a one shot (ran it twice for different people), and I used the adventure generator to get the inspiration. It was fun, well paced and interesting. I even had an idea to expand it to a short story arc.

Nemezis is really great for its focus on the Space Horror, without locking the GM or players in it. You can run stories that have nothing to do with the Devourer of Worlds, but ideally the setting call for the Enemy to show up at one point of another.

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