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This is not the typical subject for the Dragon's Toolbox, but this is my favorite Fantasy Setting. So I will ask for forgiveness and shamelessly plus Savage Mojo's new Kickstarter for the MEGA-Campaign for the World of Shaintar.

Check out the Kiskstarter link below

And this is an interactive campaign. Each group of Game Msters and Players can send it the result/reports of their session. This will help shape the outcome of the campaign. Each victory or setback can have an effect and change the course of history in the world of Shaintar.


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Earlier this year I was a guest on the Wild Die, along with Bill Lear. And we both were able to talk about our preferred Fantasy setting. 

Check out the episode link below

And not too long ago, I was invited yet again to be a special co-host, along with guest Gayle Reick, from Savage Mojo. Host and good friend of mine, Eric Lamoureux, asked me to come on due to my love and knowledge of the setting. I was able to ask a few questions and maybe glean a little extra tidbits.
Check out the episode link below

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The Wild Die podcast, for all things about Savage Worlds.

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